2016 Breast Cancer Register Research Partnership

Associate Professor Michael Black
University of Otago
Funder(s): The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, Health Research Council of New Zealand
Using the New Zealand Breast Cancer Registries for targeted molecular research
12 months

Lay summary

This research will comprise a comprehensive analysis of the combined New Zealand Breast Cancer Registers (NZBCR) data with the goals of: (1) comparing molecular data characteristics with those contained in the NZ Cancer Registry to identify how closely the NZBCR data relates to that collected by the national registry (2) determining whether trends observed internationally (e.g., static rates of ER- tumours and increasing rates of ER+ tumours) are also occurring in New Zealand (3) determining whether ethnicity-specific trends observed internationally (e.g., ER- rates for specific ethnic groups converging to those of European women) also occur in New Zealand-specific populations (e.g., Māori and Pacific), and also in other minority ethnic groups present in New Zealand (4) identify specific contexts in which further molecular research could improve patient survival (e.g., identifying subgroups with different treatment responses which may have an underlying molecular determinant), and (5) develop prototype web-based tools for analysis and visualisation of NZBCR data.

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