Dr Linda Cobiac
University of Otago, Wellington
Choosing interventions to reduce alcohol-related harm
36 months

Lay summary

Alcohol is responsible for a substantial burden of health and social harm in New Zealand, particularly among Māori. Taking advantage of New Zealand’s advanced data linkage environment (the Integrated Data Infrastructure [IDI]) we will model the health, social and economic implications of a range of potential intervention strategies to address the price and availability of alcohol and behaviour around its use. The research will provide new knowledge on the best ways to improve population health, reduce health inequalities and save costs for the health system and wider society (through reduced crime and increased productivity). It will allow for informed decision-making on alcohol in the context of other options (through league table comparison with other New Zealand-specific health sector interventions comparably modelled, eg. for tobacco control) and allow for informed judgements around government revenue (e.g. generated by alcohol tax increases).

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