Māori Health Research Summer Studentship (2016 funding round)

Miss Ngareka Bensemann
University of Otago
Oranga niho mokopuna: A literature review of early childhood caries in Aotearoa
10 weeks

Lay summary

The applicant is a fourth year Māori dentistry student, with an interest in public health-especially the inequality of Māori health compared to non-Māori health. This summer studentship award would allow the applicant to be exposed to valuable research skills that will be beneficial for all future research she may undertake as a Māori health professional. The research of Oranga Niho Mokopuna will bring to light the oral health status of the young children in Aotearoa, to not only show any disparities that there may currently be, but to give guidelines on what areas need to be addressed and worked on for the improvement of such disparities.

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