Pacific Health Research Summer Studentship

Miss Toni Anitelea
University of Otago
Follow up of hip and knee arthroplasty patients returned to GP
10 weeks

Lay summary

Hip and knee joint replacements are relatively expensive to provide, but are one of the most cost effective and successful interventions provided by the orthopaedic profession. In Otago there has been an ever increasing demand for surgery. This consequently leads to a greater number of patients being returned to their general practitioner (GP). Following return to GP patients may either be re-referred and given certainty for surgery, may choose to go private, or may remain in GP care until they deteriorate. Initial research suggests that at least 25% of patients are re-referred within 4 months however it is not known how many patients remain in the community without surgery. We wish to track the outcomes of these patients returned to their GP after being wait-listed for hip or knee replacement. We can quantify time spent waiting and deterioration within patient derived Oxford Hip or Knee scores and WOMAC scores.

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