Māori health research PhD scholarship (2018 funding round)

Ms Hannah Burgess
University of Auckland
Whānau consent: an expression of indigenous rights
36 months

Lay summary

I am a young Māori researcher with the goal to positively contribute to Māori health through transformational kaupapa Māori research. Importantly, issues that affect Māori health need to be explored from a Māori worldview if they are to be effectively addressed. A rising area of importance to Māori health, and indigenous health worldwide, is the field of tissue, gene, and individual data collection. A particular challenge for indigenous people is the tension between individual and collective consent through this process. Genes, more so than other health data, do not just provide information about an individual, but about one’s relatives. Thus, Western concepts of individual ownership and rights are insufficient. The proposed project will explore these issues from a kaupapa Māori perspective, with a particular focus on gathering the voices of rangatahi Māori, given the impact this will have on the health of future generations.

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