2017 Ngā Kanohi Kitea Development Grant

Ms Katrina Bryant
Te Runanga ō Otākou
Taurite Tū: Development of falls prevention exercise programme for Māori
3 months

Lay summary

Research objectives:
1. To establish Rōpū Kaiāwhina to guide and inform full research project.
2. To develop and consolidate relationships between Te Rūnanga Ōtākou and other independent, reputable experts to best address falls-related health issues for Te Rūnanga ō Ōtākou community.
3. To increase hauora research capacity within Te Rūnanga ō Ōtākou.

Principal methodologies:
1. Kaupapa Māori research methodology.
2. Participatory action research methodology.

Potential health outcomes or impact of full research project for Māori within Te Rūnanga ō Ōtākou takiwa:

  • Increased participation in falls prevention exercise programme
  • Decreased risk and incidence of falls
  • Improved recovery and prognosis if sustain fall
  • Improved hauora (Wairua, Tinana, Whānau, Hinengaro, Rakatirotanga)
  • Increased hauora research capacity within Te Rūnanga
  • Decreased related costs to whānau, regional health boards, and government


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