Pacific Summer Studentship (2016 funding round)

Ms Melbournemockba Coudetalei Mauiliu
University of Otago
Interpreting reported lived experiences of injured Pacific women in New Zealand
10 weeks

Lay summary

The proposed research will carefully interpret interview outcomes collected from seven injured Pacific women regarding their experiences with the injury insurer - Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and the health services. The research will interpret outcomes emerging from a 2014 studentship supported by HRC. Briefly, the findings reported barriers with ACC process and compensation delay as well as barriers with the health services care provision. The proposed research aims to carefully analyse the data given how sensitive it is and especially how imperative it is in informing recommendation for ACC and health services when dealing with injured Pacific women. The main researcher will liaise with an ACC representative and receive supervision to interpret and construct recommendations likely to be adopted by ACC. Further to this, the data will be presented in a manuscript for submission for peer review in an international journal to contribute to existing literature on Pacific and injury.

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