Pacific knowledge translation grant (2018 funding round)

Ms Synthia Dash
University of Auckland
Deliberate self-harm among Pacific
6 months

Lay summary

This study explored the understandings of Deliberate Self-Harm (DSH) behaviours, based on the perspective of Pacific health professionals in New Zealand. A total of 20 Pacific informants were interviewed using semi-structured Talanoa methods. Informants held professional roles in the mental health, social and addiction sectors in Auckland, (female, n = 10, male, n = 10). DSH was defined as an intentional act of inflicting harm to the; physical, mental or spiritual self, serving separate functions from suicidal intent. DSH was defined to include both direct self-harm, as well as indirect forms of self-harm over time such as; alcohol and drug misuse, gambling, self-starvation and risk taking behaviours. Intentional harm to the spiritual or the mental self, included deliberate disconnection from spiritual faith and holding adverse perspectives and worldviews.

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