Professor Sally Casswell
Massey University, Auckland
Quantifying the disease burden of alcohol's harm to others
36 months

Lay summary

Harm to others than the drinker is an aspect of alcohol harm which is under-researched
especially given the importance of research on passive smoking for tobacco control
policy. With the aim of quantifying harm to others from drinking, this study will take
advantage of the Statistics New Zealand Integrated Data Infrastructure, allowing for
data linkage across individuals and between datasets, to determine the contribution of
alcohol to key areas of alcohol’s harm to others – FAS/FASD, traffic crash and assaults
(including partner violence and child maltreatment) separately for Maori and non-Maori.
It will also provide estimates of Years of Life Lost and Disability Adjusted Years of Life.
This study will provide new knowledge about harm that is largely invisible or neglected,
provide a more complete picture of the burden of drinking in communities to inform
decision-making about policy on alcohol control, and contribute to international efforts to
reduce alcohol

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