2016 Funding Round - Project

Professor Shanthi Ameratunga
University of Auckland
Towards streetscapes promoting inclusive mobility, health and wellbeing for all
36 months

Lay summary

Can Auckland’s evolving streetscapes and ‘leading-edge’ transport designs enable older residents and people with disability to meaningfully participate in society and enjoy positive health? All too often, these groups are not involved in transport planning, including current initiatives promoting cycling and walking. Left out of the process, streets become alienating, confusing, unsafe and inaccessible. This community-based participatory research project involves four case studies across Auckland engaging older residents, people with disability and their support networks, alongside transport planners and policymakers. The integrated research process will elicit in-depth qualitative information about the ‘lived experiences’ of communities, their challenges, sources of resilience, and aspirations; a nuanced analysis of transport planning and policy processes; and a gap analysis of existing tools measuring accessibility. We aim to bridge ‘insider perspectives’ of communities and transport planners, design practice and monitoring frameworks, to co-create streetscapes that enable and invigorate communities to live the lives they value.

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