Māori Health Research Summer Studentship

Te Aomarama Anderson
Te Puawai Tapu Trust
Rights-based approaches to Māori health: A Kaupapa Māori review
10 weeks

Lay summary

I will be undertaking a literature review that examines rights-based approaches as mechanisms for achieving good Māori sexual and reproductive health. This will involve reviewing published literature (journal articles, reports, websites) relating to Māori rights derived from the Treaty of Waitangi, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the UNDRIP and international sexual and reproductive health rights instruments that New Zealand is a signatory to. I will apply a Kaupapa Māori lens to the review of literature in order to identify some of the opportunities and challenges for Māori and for governments of using rights-based approaches. A report will be produced that details the research question, the scope, method, the Kaupapa Māori theoretical analysis, the discussion and research findings.

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