31 January - 1 February 2019
Te Papa | Wellington

Planning for high-quality, best value, integrated and equitable care in New Zealand

In response to a time of unprecedented change, uncertainty and opportunity, the University of Otago (Wellington) and Cancer Society of New Zealand, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and New Zealand Society for Oncology are convening a landmark cancer control conference to address challenges in cancer care, equity, prioritisation, and cancer control.

 The Cancer at a Crossroads Conference will :

  • Bring together the brightest minds and most influential personalities from across the cancer control continuum.
  • Draw knowledge and experience from international contexts that have faced similar problems to us.
  • Paint a picture of the current major challenges that we face, and identify possible solutions to these challenges.
  • Provide a forum for debate, and an opportunity to build networks and bridges across the continuum.
  • Bring together funders, academics, clinicians and providers, policy leaders, and decision-makers. 

The conference's international guest speakers are world-class thought leaders in cancer control and service improvement.

Professor Richard Sullivan, Professor of Cancer & Global Health at Kings College London (KCL) led the Lancet Oncology Commission on Delivering Affordable Cancer Care in High Income Countries, and most recently the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery 2030, Lancet Series on Women’s Equity, Health and Cancer, and the Lancet Oncology Commission on Global Cancer Surgery.

Rami Rahal, Executive Director, Cancer Control at Canadian Partnership Against Cancer in Toronto, Canada. He combines expertise in healthcare management information and evidence-based decision support, with particular interest in cancer system performance measurement. He has led a number of workshops and courses on system performance measurement and evidence-based policy at both the national and international levels. 

The conference will be opened by the Minister of Health Hon Dr David Clark, with Dr Ashley Bloomfield (Director General of Health) delivering a plenary presentation on the opening morning. Other domestic speakers include Professor John Potter, Dr Nina Scott, Professor Diana Sarfati, Dr Richard Sullivan, Professor Parry Guilford, Dr Christopher Jackson, Ms Shelley Campbell, Prof Kath McPherson and many others. 

For more information and to register, please visit the website: Cancer Care at a Crossroads Conference. Places will be limited.


31 January 2019