24 September 2017
Auckland Museum | Event Centre | 4pmRSNZ logo

The issue of gene editing needs careful consideration and has pitfalls and potential for our society and the environment. Given the rapid progression of these technologies, the Royal Society Te Apārangi will present a series of nationwide public panel discussions hosted by Kim Hill to examine many of the ethical issues that are of a concern to New Zealanders.

Making babies: You, me and gene editing?
Our future generations - there are many considerations to make before we start employing gene editing technologies on human eggs, sperm and embryos. For example, are there other consequences to correcting disease causing genes to prevent the disease’s transmission from parent to child, or perhaps with having the opportunity to improve physiological attributes in your future children to increase their sporting ability?

For more information and to book visit the Royal Society of New Zealand website.


24 September 2017