Professor Vicky Cameron, ONZM
Professor Vicky Cameron, ONZM

7 June 2017

Four health researchers with strong ties to the HRC were named on the Queen's Birthday honours list this week.

Professors Vicky Cameron, ONZM (University of Otago, Christchurch), Philippa Gander, ONZM (Massey University, Wellington) and Richie Poulton, CNZM (University of Otago, Dunedin) were all recognised for their significant contributions to health and science, while former HRC Māori Health Committee chair Caroline (Moe) Milne, ONZM was honoured for her services to Māori and health.

Professor Vicky Cameron is group leader of the Christchurch Heart Institute Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory at the University of Otago, Christchurch. Vicky specialises in heart disease risk factors and has been working in medical research for about 35 years. Her current research focus is investigating genetic markers for heart disease and why heart disease tends to run in some families. She is currently a named investigator on three HRC-funded contracts, including two programmes.

Professor Philippa Gander, Director of the Sleep/Wake Research Centre at Massey University, is currently leading a HRC-funded project looking at implementing a science-based approach for fatigue risk management in nursing. Philippa is also a named investigator on another HRC-funded project involving exploring the gut microbiome as a new pathway for obesity prevention and metabolic health.

Professor Richie Poulton has had a long-standing association with the HRC through his leadership of the world-renowned Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study, which has received HRC funding for more than 40 years. Richie is currently leading a HRC-funded programme ($5 million) using the Dunedin Study cohort, which is focused on uncovering why some people age faster than others, and why some fortunate people age more slowly than their age-peers. Findings are expected to support interventions to slow aging, prevent age-related diseases, and enhance preparedness for wellbeing in later life.

Congratulations to Vicky, Philippa, Richie and Caroline on behalf of everyone at the HRC.