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Accelerating liquefaction of pancreatic necrosum using targeted enzymes

24 months
Approved budget:
Dr Lisa Brown
Health issue:
Metabolic and endocrine (excl. diabetes and bone)
Proposal type:
Clinical Research Training Fellowship
Lay summary
This application relates to my future surgical career that encompasses clinical research. I am a RACS SET trainee in General Surgery and have commenced a PhD at The University of Auckland. The high mortality of acute pancreatitis is due to infected pancreatic necrosis and multiple organ failure; the treatment of the former is moving towards less invasive strategies. My aim is to evaluate the use of targeted enzymes to accelerate liquefaction of pancreatic necrosis and aid its removal through percutaneous drains. The PhD will combine clinical trials and experimental methodologies, including proteomic identification of maggot secretory enzymes and assessing the effectiveness of commercially available enzymes and these novel enzymes in accelerating liquefaction. Accelerating liquefaction through minimally invasive techniques will reduce patients' burden with acute pancreatitis by reducing morbidity, hospital stay and risky major open surgery. This is a new treatment paradigm for a common and often fatal disease.