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Arterial function, vitamin D and cardiovascular disease

54 months
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Dr John Sluyter
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Pacific Health Postdoctoral Fellowship
Lay summary
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is increased in Pacific communities compared with Palagi. A new, simple device has been developed in Z (by Pulsecor) to measure arterial function from the arterial waveform. In a large (n=5, 100) clinical trial of vitamin D supplementation, arterial function measures will be collected at baseline using the Pulsecor device to see if they predict risk of CVD over 4 years follow-up. It is anticipated that about 380-400 participants will be Pacific. This study will determine if: 1) arterial function is an independent predictor of CD; 2) arterial function varies between Pacific and other ethnic groups; and 3) vitamin D supplementation improves arterial function. My work on these analyses would allow me to learn new analytic methods from UK researchers, and place me at the forefront of the clinical applications of the arterial measures if they are shown to be predictive of CVD.