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Building Research in Occupational Health in New Zealand (BROHNZ)

65 months
Approved budget:
Professor Jeroen Douwes
Health issue:
Occupational health
Proposal type:
Programme Extension
Lay summary
Our Programme for years 1-3 (BROHNZ I) comprised four projects, each of which involved a different area of occupational health research. The current application for years 4-6 (BROHNZ II) involves extensions of each of these four research themes with one project involving a further year of data collection, one project collecting additional data in the same occupational group, and two projects involving data collection in new population groups, but with similar methodology and objectives as in years 1-3. BROHNZ II will focus on some of the leading causes of occupational mortality and morbidity in New Zealand; as with BROHNZ I, BROHNZ II will also investigate occupational exposures associated with rare serious disorders.