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The conservative management of young women with CIN2

64 months
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Associate Professor Peter Sykes
Health issue:
Cancer (oncology)
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Lay summary
By completing this research we wish to identify whether we can safely reduce treatment related complications, for young women with moderate screen detected abnormalities of the cervix (CIN2). Evidence suggests that a significant proportion of abnormalities will regress spontaneously and therefore treatment for all such lesions is unnecessary. There is evidence that in addition to immediate complications, cervical treatments can have an adverse effect on pregnancy outcomes. Despite screening program recommendations of immediate treatment, many colposcopists consider that these young women should be offered observation as an alternative to immediate treatment. There is however insufficient data on which to base routine practice. We are performing a large multicenter study that will describe the safety and outcome of an observational approach; it will also identify factors that predict regression. This will allow an evidence based approach to management decisions and screening program recommendations for women under 25 with CIN2.