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Environmental associations of overweight and obesity for Pacific Island children in New Zealand

60 months
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Dr Faasisila Savila
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Pacific Health PhD Scholarship
Lay summary
This is a PhD application and the applicant is based at AUT. The aims of this PhD are to use the Pacific Island Families study (PIF) and the social and physical environments associated with weight status. Elements pertaining to this include what does the Pacific Island community’s environment look like and how does it impact on the community's propensity to be obese? To study this in detail, the environment of the Pacific Island community in Manukau City, New Zealand, will be examined. The study will investigate the broad range of environmental factors that may protect against or increase the risk of overweight and obesity in Pacific Island children. This research will also focus on the community and home environments of Pacific Island families. In particular, this research will use the 12-years-running longitudinal data from the Pacific Islands Families (PIF) Study cohort. Additionally, this data will be examined in conjunction with a geographical analysis of the physical or built environment within which the PIF cohort resides. Of significance this study is one of the key research priorities for the HRC and therefore there is an obvious need to develop a clearer understanding of health issues surrounding Pacific families and peoples. The supervisors for this study are Dr Gerhard Sundborn and Dr Philip Schluter from AUT.