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Exploring aspects of food security and sovereignty with R.E.K.A Trust in Whakatane

18 months
Approved budget:
Mrs Mate Heitia
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Ngā Kanohi Kitea Project Grant
Lay summary
This research sets out to examine how healthy kai influence the lives of Maori communities and to assess the barriers/strengths for sustainable food security and wellbeing. In Aotearoa, 10% of families/households experience low food security. Maori and Pacific families are more likely to be affected than any other ethnic group. Maori food insecurity warrants attention. We aim to assess food insecurity issues and find out what enables Maori communities to enjoy healthy lifestyles, with a key focus on food sovereignty. Photovoice, a participation action research method, provides a voice for communities to share their experiences of healthy kai, food security and food sovereignty strategies. Our aims are to record and revive food security strengths and concerns; promote dialogue and knowledge about nutrition and health through group discussion using photographs; and to emphasise the importance of food sovereignty strategies that include traditional knowledge and tikanga associated with food and wellbeing.