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EXTENSION: Zonnic (oral nicotine) and nicotine patch in smoking cessation (JV542)

30 months
Approved budget:
Professor Julian Crane
Health issue:
Addiction (alcohol/drugs/gambling/smoking)
Proposal type:
Joint Research Partnership Project
Lay summary
EXTENSION:By contract 09/200, HRC engaged the University of Otago to undertake a research project entitled 'Zonnic (oral nicotine) and nicotine patch in smoking cessation'. This Contract provides additional support to contract 09/200 described below. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable morbidity and mortality. One year after Quitline nicotine patch therapy only 12% of quitters remain quit. A radically different approach to nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) may increase this quit rate. Current NRTs double quit rates compared to placebo by reducing withdrawal symptoms, but they do not deliver nicotine rapidly and thus cannot quickly reduce urges to smoke shortly after they occur. ZonnicTM is a relatively fast-acting oral nicotine product, and rapidly quenches urges to smoke. ZonnicTM will be a safe and effective alternative to smoking for quitters who experience strong urges while using nicotine patches. We seek to test the effect on quit rates of giving ZonnicTM plus standard therapy, using a double-blind randomised placebo design. 88% of smokers are unable to quit with nicotine patches alone, ZonnicTM may provide a way for them to quit and stay quit long-term.