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Haua Mana Maori

12 months
Approved budget:
Professor Leigh Hale
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Māori Living with Disability Project
Lay summary
In spite of the introduction of He Korowai Oranga (Maori Health Strategy) and the New Zealand Disability Strategy, Maori health statistics and morbidity rates are disparately poor compared to non- Maori. These disparities extend to Maori living with disability and the access and utilisation of rehabilitation and disability support services. This study therefore aims to identify the health and disability community services and supports presently available for people living with disability in the Murihiku/Southland region; explore how accessible these identified services are for Maori living with disability and their whanau (identifying both barriers and facilitators to accessibility); make recommendations for improving accessibility of service delivery for Maori living with disability and their whanau; develop an appropriate research framework to collect data relevant to Maori with disability and their whanau; and build research capacity and capability for Maori and Maori with disability within the Murihiku region.