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How do different populations define whanau ora?

18 months
Approved budget:
Ms Te Moana Campbell-Knowles
Health issue:
Other (generic health or health services)
Proposal type:
Māori Health Masters Scholarship
Lay summary
In Aoteraoa/New Zealand poorer health outcomes for Maori have been well documented. There is also growing evidence of the health and wellbeing impacts of limited contact among Maori extended whanau . This research expands on existing knowledge by identifying definitions of whanau ora, gathering narratives about whanau interventions, cultural beliefs and practices informed by the worldview of healthcare for Maori, using a Maori-centred approached with critical theory methodology. This research will: 1. Examine policy documents in relation to whanau ora to provide definitions and identify how whanau ora may be defined. 2. Interview key community stakeholders about their interpretation of whanau ora. Three whanau comprising intergenerational members will also be interviewed. 3. Construct a picture of what effective whanau ora interventions for each of the whanau might look like.