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Human pathogenic viruses: drug targets and therapeutic potential

43 months
Approved budget:
Emeritus Professor Andrew Mercer
Health issue:
Inflammatory and immune system
Proposal type:
Programme Extension
Lay summary
Pathogenic viruses pose major threats to human life. This Programme integrates 2 core themes: (1) combating viruses and (2) exploiting viruses for beneficial purposes, with each of our 4 projects sharing the goal of developing new antivirals and other therapeutics derived from, or based on, viruses. Programme Outcomes will include (1) fundamental knowledge of viral/human interactions, (2) potential therapeutic target sites and therapeutic agents for the specific viruses under study, (3) the development of novel therapeutic agents relevant to human non-communicable diseases and (4) the development of a viral-based delivery system for prophylactic or therapeutic use in a range human diseases. A feature of our Programme is the inter-linking of our Projects. This is bringing a multidisciplinary breadth of expertise to each of our research objectives and greatly facilitating progress. The Programme is providing a highly productive environment not only in terms of research outputs but also in workforce development and training opportunities