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International Relationship Fund: EU-NZ collaboration

39 months
Approved budget:
Professor Rodney Jackson
Health issue:
Proposal type:
EU Collaboration Enabling Grant
Lay summary
The aim of this project is to establish collaborative relationships between the New Zealand applicants and researchers in the United Kingdom and Denmark who undertake large scale clinical data linkage studies related to cardiovascular diseases (CVD). The proposed collaborators have been selected to cover a range of different CVD-related research topics and their access to a range of different health-related databases. In the first phase of the project, each of the European collaborative groups will work with the New Zealand applicants on separate studies in order to establish the research relationships. The aims of each of these studies are to inform the development and/or improvement of personalised healthcare approaches for predicting, preventing or managing CVD. In the second phase of the project, all collaborators will be invited to work together to develop new multinational research studies. The longer-term vision of this project is to enable New Zealand researchers to actively participate in a world-wide network of health researchers working in this new but rapidly growing field of linked big data. The increasing availability of linkable electronic health-related records on many millions of people has the potential to revolutionise health and translational healthcare research.