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Kia Maatau Kia Maarama Ka Ora: Maori and wellness mindsets, mediums and models

3 months
Approved budget:
Dr Tepora Emery
Health issue:
Wellbeing (autonomy self-determination)
Proposal type:
Ngā Kanohi Kitea Development Grant
Lay summary
Kia Maatau Kia Maarama Ka Ora is premised on the belief that self-determining our state of health and wellness is critical to the achievement of Maori self-determination (Tino Rangatiratanga). This research seeks to show that a growing body of Te Arawa people are resisting an accepted culture of illness (hegemony) and are making conscious choices to pursue, maintain and promote good health and wellness for themselves, for their whanau and for the wider Te Arawa community.