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A lifestyle intervention model to address obesity & type 2 diabetes in Pacific

24 months
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Dr Ofa Dewes
Health issue:
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Pacific Health Networking Project
Lay summary
Diabetes and obesity rate are among the significant health disparities Pacific peoples face. In New Zealand, 55% of Pacific children are overweight or obese compared with 29% of total children, while 89% of Pacific adults are overweight or obese compared with 60% of total adults. Reducing the prevalence of overweight and obesity is likely to promote individual health and wellbeing, whilst reducing inequality and the financial burden to public health funding for treating and managing preventable illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes. Evidence-based guidelines have been provided for the management of overweight and obesity in children, young people and adults living in NZ. The guidelines articulate the combined application of FAB (food, activity, behaviour) as the most effective approach to weight loss. The uptake of the guidelines is critical. How to implement these guidelines for Pacific peoples in a culturally-centred community-based setting is evolving and therefore warrants immediate action.