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Literature review of cultural safety pertaining to foot-care within Maori

4 months
Approved budget:
Mrs Cynthia Strickland
Health issue:
Other (generic health or health services)
Proposal type:
Māori Health Summer Studentship
Lay summary
Feet are a sensitive and spiritual aspect of the body. Feet are the part of the body that connects the person to Papatuanuku and therefore create a connection with the land. Maori need these sensitive issues highlighted so that podiatrists working with Maori can ensure safety and protection of Maori cultural beliefs. Maori make up 2% of the current podiatry workforce and are 7-times more likely to develop a diabetic amputation than non-Maori. The review will investigate the current literature and identify evidence as to why Maori think feet are sensitive and will look at research to find if there is evidence identifying ways podiatrists can practice to protect the cultural safety of Maori patients. Identified evidence from this review can then be implemented into practice to improve Maori Health needs. Gaps will be identified and used for future research.