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Literature review of nutritional Issues amongst pregnant Pacific women in New Zealand from ages 15-40 years

3 months
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Miss Heimata Herman
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Pacific Health Summer Studentship
Lay summary
Pacific pregnant women have the highest rates of nutrition related diseases that are a result of poor nutritional intakes that are critical during pregnancy. Disparities between Pacific and Non-Pacific health outcomes and nutrition during and after pregnancy reinforce the need for Pacific specific research on the underlying reasons for such disparities. This project is based on conducting a Literature Review of the issues that Pacific women face in terms of Nutrition decision prior, during and post pregnancy. This will address and identify, the underlying social, economic and cultural factors that affect nutrition decisions, review of the current health status and outcomes for Pacific mothers and babies, as well as barriers of delayed use of services Pacific mothers. Data will be collected from a wide range of reliable and academic sources, to present a holistic view and Pacific perspective of this.