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Low-carbon routes to health equity: investigating effects of transport policies

1 month
Approved budget:
Dr Jamie Hosking
Health issue:
Environmental health
Proposal type:
Clinical Research Training Fellowship
Lay summary
I am a public health medicine specialist by background. This project will undertake an integrated assessment of the impacts of transport policies in Auckland on population health, health equity and greenhouse gas emissions. The project will give me the necessary skills to undertake policy-focused research in this field, to identify future opportunities to extend this approach to related fields, and to build workforce capacity in this area. Car-dependent cities contribute to several of the leading causes of ill-health, through their effects on physical inactivity, road traffic injury and air pollution. As car use is also a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, there are opportunities to substantially improve both health and emissions through good transport policy. By modelling the impacts of selected transport policies separately for disadvantaged and privileged groups, this project will identify whether such policies can also reduce health inequalities.