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Maori Elders' wellbeing and resilience indicators: measuring iwi health outcome

36 months
Approved budget:
Dr Sharon Awatere
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Māori Health PhD Scholarship
Lay summary
A range of reports and strategies respond to our ageing population, however little is currently known about Maori Elders’ knowledge, skills and confidence to manage arthritis, healthy choices and a healthy home environment. This PhD scholarship application comprises Maori centered research and Elder health research capacity building. The central questions ask: What are the range of strategies that Elders living with arthritis/chronic joint problems use to manage their condition? What is the association of these with socio-demographic and housing characteristics? Developing outcome indicators of resilience will identify Maori Elders’ perceptions of control, health behaviour and use of health care resources. These will inform culturally appropriate Arthritis self-management plans and education materials to assist Iwi, regional Elder health planning, policy, purchasing and service delivery, while meeting wider Elder Maori needs by addressing ethnic inequalities in health. To accomplish these objectives, qualitative methodologies include a systematic literature review and key informant interviews.