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The nanostructure and organisation of cellular signalling domains

9 months
Approved budget:
Dr David Baddeley
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Sir Charles Hercus Fellowship
Lay summary
The tight spatial organisation of proteins within signalling domains, such as the cardiac dyad or neuronal synapse, is critical to correct and efficient function. This organisation occurs on a scale of a few 10s of nanometres, until recently, the exclusive domain of electron microscopy. Newly developed optical super-resolution techniques now allow these domains to be investigated with unprecedented contrast, specificity and throughput. In this project I aim to use super-resolution microscopy to investigate the nanostructure of these domains. This will provide basic structural information underlying the functional properties of these domains as well as identifying morphological changes linked to disease. By allowing me to demonstrate that, in addition to my skills in developing new technology, I can drive biomedically orientated research, this will set me up for a future career at this exciting boundary between disciplines.