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A novel approach to caries management in New Zealand children

13 months
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Associate Professor Lyndie Foster Page
Health issue:
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Feasibility Study
Lay summary
The failure of fillings in children is significant as it subjects children to multiple dental interventions. It is costly in terms of materials and personnel but the greatest impact is on dental aversion of the affected children. The Hall Technique is a novel method of managing decayed primary teeth without injections or drilling. This metal crown technique has been tested in Scotland in a randomised control trial, showing parents, children and dentists preferred this method of treatment, and success was much greater for the Hall Technique than conventional fillings. We aim to carry out a large multicentre trial of the Hall Technique in New Zealand children, but first we need to evaluate the practicalities in the unique New Zealand primary care setting. This study will help to establish an alternative treatment option and inform future decisions to improve oral health outcomes for New Zealand children in the primary care system.