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Oranga niho me nga tangata whaiora

14 months
Approved budget:
Professor John Broughton
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Joint Research Partnership Project
Lay summary
Maori do not enjoy the same oral health status as non-Maori across all age groups. Tangata whaiora (Maori mental health patients) are a vulnerable group within the population who have a high prevalence of compromised oral health. This Maori health research project aims to investigate the impact of oranga niho (oral health) on the quality of life of tangata whaiora. This is a prospective qualitative project in which a small group of tangata whaiora will be recruited, undergo two questionnaires and an interview followed by a complete oral health rehabilitation. The questionnaires and interview will then be repeated to ascertain their self-reported impact of having their oral health restored upon their health and wellbeing, especially their mental health and wellbeing. Two Maori health teams, a dental health team and a mental health team will work in partnership in this project.