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A preliminary screening of selected Pacific medicinal plants for anti-diabetic bioactivity

6 months
Approved budget:
Dr Edward Saafi
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Māori and Pacific Health Development Grant
Lay summary
The aim of this proposed research project is to screen selected indigenous Pacific medicinal plants, traditionally used by Pacific peoples as complementary medicine for the treatment of diabetes and associated metabolic disorders (e.g. hypertension), for the presence of anti-diabetic bioactive properties that could be developed into therapeutic drugs for the management of diabetes. The purpose of this application is to seek funding to support the scoping, planning, and development of a research proposal to carry out a preliminary screening of selected Pacific Island medicinal plants for the presence of anti-diabetic properties useful for the development of novel drugs for the management of diabetes and other associated metabolic disorders. The most promising medicinal plant extracts will then be further studied to fully understand their phytochemistry and how they can be developed into potential therapeutic drugs and medicines from which Pacific peoples and the general population with diabetes may benefit from. The ultimate outcome of the preparatory piece of work will be the establishment of key collaborative partnerships pertinent to the development of this project and the write-up and completion of a fell project application for submission to the HRC's main funding round.