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Preventing injury and reducing subsequent disability outcomes

37 months
Approved budget:
Dr Dorothy Begg
Health issue:
Injury (intentional and unintentional)
Proposal type:
Programme Extension
Lay summary
This programme comprises three projects that focus on preventing injury and reducing the subsequent disability outcomes. 1) Prospective Outcomes of Injury Study (POIS) Aims: Injury is costly to individuals, families and society (via ACC) - particularly when disability extends beyond 1 year. To identify strategies for improving outcomes we first need to know where barriers to, and facilitators of, good outcomes lie 2) New Zealand Drivers Study: A follow-up study of newly licensed drivers (NZDS) Aims: Primary aim is to examine risk and protective factors for traffic-related injury among newly licensed drivers and to identify factors that can be targeted to reduce these injuries 3) An Internet-based CBT Self-help for Depression: A randomised controlled study (RID) Aims: The aims of this national trial are to adapt a proven internet-based interactive and personalised cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) program (MoodGym) and a depression literacy program (BluePages) for New Zealand use, and determine their effectiveness to reduce depression, anxiety, self-harm, alcohol misuse, and enhance quality of life in the general population