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Self-determination and disabled students in the transition from school to adulthood

27 months
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Dr Colin Gladstone
Health issue:
Proposal type:
PhD Disability Research Placement Scholarship
Lay summary
This study will focus on improving post school outcomes for young people with an intellectual disability as a group who have been historically marginalised. This participatory research study sets out to explore student self-determination through the process of transition from school to post school life. This process, as described by McGinty and Fish (1992), is often a very public and beaurocratic one for young people with disabilities, their parents and families. An exploration of what control and choice this group of students have and their ability to exert greater influence on the process, is one of two important themes in the study. The second theme explores how working directly with two young people with an intellectual disability as co-researchers will give ethical, procedural and methodological insights that will add to the knowledge base around participatory research approaches. This knowledge is intended to inform both policy and practice.