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Changes to NZ Health Delivery stream for HRC Project applications

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We have an important update for those applying for the Health Research Council’s 2020 Project funding, which opens on 10 June. The New Zealand Health Delivery (NZHD) investment stream (normally a component of this round) will be delayed and run out of cycle to the other investment streams.

The HRC has delayed the release of this component in order to redesign how we invest in and assess health delivery research proposals. The redesign of the NZHD investment stream presents a positive opportunity to optimise the value of HRC’s investment in an area of strategic importance, to better align with the activities of the Ministries with whom we share responsibility for the New Zealand Health Research Strategy (NZHRS), and to work collaboratively with the sector and key stakeholders.

The HRC is committed to funding health delivery research and the importance of this research is clearly stated in the NZHRS, which notes the health sector has a critical role in health services research and in translating research findings into policy and practice.

Information and evidence collated through consultation on the NZHRS and the prioritisation vehicle means that we now have a lot more information about both the barriers, gaps and opportunities for health delivery research in New Zealand. The HRC is therefore in a better position to work collaboratively with the sector to design a more comprehensive and fit-for-purpose investment opportunity that effectively engages health delivery providers, addresses gaps and builds needed capacity and capability.

The redesigned funding opportunity may include different types of criteria around health delivery with a focus on greater end-user involvement, evidence synthesis, implementation research, career development, and pathways for translation and impact.

The new-look NZHD funding will open towards the last quarter of 2019.