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Health delivery research recipients announced

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The HRC’s Health Delivery Research Investment Round supports research that will directly contribute to improved healthcare delivery by informing decisions or changes to policy, practice or systems in the New Zealand health and disability sector.

Our Health Delivery Research Activation Grant is designed to help people get ready for research by establishing health delivery research evidence needs, research opportunities, or research capacity before applying for larger-scale funding. Meanwhile, our Health Delivery Research Career Development Award provides an opportunity for a funded placement in a health delivery research team or health sector setting. It is designed as an alternative pathway into health delivery research aimed at attracting more people with relevant skills into this discipline. 

We are delighted to be increasing our engagement with the health sector in research through these grants. Research conceived and carried out by those working in healthcare settings is a powerful ingredient in healthcare improvement. Growing this research and expertise will have exciting benefits for health and wellbeing outcomes in New Zealand.

Recipients of the 2021 Health Delivery Research Activation Grant 1

Mrs Tania Cargo, the University of Auckland
Ahakoa he iti – he Pounamu: Supporting māmā-pēpi relationship
12 months, $30,000
Dr Amy Chan, the University of Auckland
Predicting acute asthma events using machine learning
12 months, $29,498
Dr Lynne Chepulis, University of Waikato
Exploring primary care factors that influence diabetes management and care
6 months, $29,500
Dr Claris Chung, the University of Auckland
Design cardiovascular symptom assessment systems to reduce pre-hospital delays
12 months, $27,988
Dr Andrea Donaldson, Massey University
Developing a strangulation screening tool from frontline responders' knowledge
12 months, $30,000
Dr Jennifer Dunn, University of Otago, Christchurch
Early Vocational Intervention after Stroke (EVIS) Study
12 months, $29,984
Dr Richard Egan, University of Otago
Spiritual care in New Zealand healthcare
12 months, $29,746
Dr Carrie Falling, University of Otago
Framework for developing an interdisciplinary temporomandibular disorder clinic
12 months, $28,708
Dr Caz Hales, Research Trust of Victoria University of Wellington
Improving health services for people with extreme obesity
12 months, $29,060
Associate Professor Clare Harvey, Massey University
Scoping project: Supporting lifestyle change and vocational rehabilitation
12 months, $29,331
Professor Jean Hay-Smith, University of Otago, Wellington
Kotahitanga: A Kaumātua programme to address rehabilitation needs for Māori
12 months, $29,434
Dr Bryndl Hohmann-Marriott, University of Otago
Menstrual apps offering clinical advice: risk or resource?
12 months, $30,000
Dr Amanda Landers, University of Otago, Christchurch
The use of pancreatic enzyme replacement (PERT) in inoperable pancreatic cancer
12 months, $22,952
Dr Joan Leung, the University of Auckland
Developmental outcomes of South Auckland 3-year-olds who had hearing screening
12 months, $28,374
Dr Anecita Gigi Lim, the University of Auckland
Registered nurses antimicrobial stewardship: clinical engagement and leadership 
12 months, $29,863
Dr James Moore, Medical Research Institute of New Zealand
Brain Oxygen Neuromonitoring in Australia and New Zealand Assessment (BONANZA)
12 months, $30,000
Dr Kate Morgaine, Nelson Marlborough District Health Board
Protecting the people: improving pandemic preparedness, response, and recovery
12 months, $28,280
Associate Professor Suranga Nanayakkara, the University of Auckland
A pilot deployment of a portable, home-based diabetic foot monitoring system
8 months, $29,105
Dr Clare O'Donnell, Auckland DHB Charitable Trust
Pilot - Developing a national Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) Registry
12 months, $26,130
Dr Charlotte Oyston, the University of Auckland
Accessing earlier prediabetic treatment in pregnancy
12 months, $11,317
Dr Jamie-Lee Rahiri, Waitemata District Health Board
Te Piringa Kotuku
12 months, $29,967
Miss Felicity Ware, Massey University
Te Aukume a Hine te Iwaiwa: Health of Māori māmā and pēpi
6 months, $29,750
Professor Debra Waters, University of Otago
Individual training programmes to reduce frailty in older adults with hypertension
10 months, $30,000
Dr John Woodfield, University of Otago
Optimisation of a NZ-focused e-health application to improve patient outcomes
12 months, $30,000

Recipients of the 2021 Health Delivery Research Career Development Award 1

Dr Tania Blackmore, University of Waikato
The decision-making process for women contemplating breast reconstruction
12 months, $90,700

Dr Amelia Tekiteki, Auckland DHB Charitable Trust
Identifying the barriers to kidney transplant for Pasifika patients with ESRD
12 months, $148,541

Missed out on applying for the first rounds? You're not too late. A second round of Health Delivery Research grants and awards is now open

A reminder that round 2 of our Health Delivery Research Activation Grants and Health Delivery Career Development Awards is now open on HRC Gateway.

Registrations opened on 1 July 2021 and close at 1pm on 12 August 2021.
Full applications opened on 1 July 2021 and close at 1pm on 2 September 2021.