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Record number of health delivery grants awarded

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The HRC is proud to support research that can directly inform health policy, practice, and systems. While we have a range of funding grants that can be used for clinical research and other studies that inform healthcare practices and services, our health delivery research rounds are dedicated to increasing research engagement within healthcare settings. 

Today we are pleased to announce a record 81 recipients in our second round of 2023 Health Delivery Research Grants. This includes 61 Activation Grants, 10 Project Grants and 10 Career Development Awards valued at a combined total of more than $16.8 million.

Health Delivery recipients 2023 – round 2

2023 Health Delivery Research Activation Grant

Dr Gemma Aburn, The University of Auckland
Exploring equity in access to children's palliative care
12 months, $29,996

Dr Jean Allen, The University of Auckland
Consultation for a national Pacific youth wellbeing advisory group
12 months, $29,967

Dr Cathleen Aspinall, The University of Auckland
Harnessing collaboration: The development of clinical nurse academic roles
18 months, $29,857

Dr Marlini Bakri, Research Trust of Victoria University of Wellington
Exploring digital tools in the health and wellbeing of transnational communities
18 months, $29,674

Ms Stella Black, The University of Auckland
Hapaitia Te Ara Tika o Waiariki Whānau Mentoring
18 months, $30,000

Dr Miranda Buhler, Dr Jane Taafaki, University of Otago
Empowering pathways to health for Pacific meatworkers
18 months, $29,995

Dr Melissa Cadelis, The University of Auckland
Mining for novel antibiotics through precursor-directed biosynthesis
18 months, $30,000

Dr Nadia Charania, Auckland University of Technology
Equitable preventive maternal and early childhood health services among migrants
12 months, $30,000

Dr Joanna Ting Wai Chu, The University of Auckland
Tech innovations for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
15 months, $29,996

Dr Carolyn Clark, University of Otago
Investigation into development of wellbeing coaching programme in medical school
12 months, $29,983

Professor Cathryn Conlon, Mrs Cherise Pendergrast, Massey University
Food literacy at the coalface: Co-designing a food literacy tool for whānau
12 months, $30,000

Mrs Rebecca Coombes, Burwood Academy Trust
Movement to music: A community support after stroke
12 months, $29,990

Ms Josephine Davis, The University of Auckland
Māori nurse practitioners: Kaupapa Māori workforce development realising equity
12 months, $30,000

Associate Professor Richard Ellis, Daniel O’Brien, Auckland University of Technology
Community of practice co-creation of a life-span approach to managing ACL injury
18 months, $28,925

Dr Marianne Elston, The University of Auckland
Skeletal metastases in neuroendocrine neoplasms
18 months, $29,980

Dr Helen Eyles, The University of Auckland, Dr Geoff Kira, Victoria University of Wellington, Associate Professor Vili Nosa, The University of Auckland, Dr Vartika Sharma, The University of Auckland
Contextualising a brief dietary salt reduction intervention in Aotearoa
12 months, $29,818

Associate Professor Sara Filoche, Miss Niamh Ireland-Blake, University of Otago Building space for equity: Bringing culture centred design to hospitals
12 months, $29,997

Professor Richard Gearry, University of Otago
Consultation to develop a measure of RSE worker health
6 months, $29,691

Dr Susan Gee, Burwood Academy Trust
Mindart: Piloting a drawing-based relaxation programme with stroke survivors
12 months, $28,7830

Ms Debra Gerrard, Te Whatu Ora - Counties Manukau, Dr Cathleen Aspinall, The University of Auckland, Dr Kirstin Soley, Te Whatu Ora – Counties Manukau
Piloting the DoW (dynamics of whanaungatanga) model of care
18 months, $29,200

Dr Lucy Goodman, The University of Auckland
Integrating eye health into primary care: the health provider perspective
12 months, $30,000

Professor Merryn Gott, Dr Tess Moeke-Maxwell, The University of Auckland
Maungārongo: Exploring the end-of-life care needs of incarcerated New Zealanders
18 months, $30,000

Associate Professor Anne Haase, Research Trust of Victoria University of Wellington, Dr Caz Hales, Victoria University of Wellington
Prehabilitation for enhanced surgery recovery: Improving hospital care pathways
12 months, $28,769

Associate Professor Christopher Harmston, Aotearoa Clinical Trials
The Post Endsocopy Tumour Study - POET
18 months, $23,450

Dr Deborah Harris, Research Trust of Victoria University of Wellington
The mahi of nurse practitioners in Aotearoa
12 months, $29,308

Dr Jeff Harrison, The University of Auckland, Mr Lisheng Liu, Te Whatu Ora - Te Pae Hauora o Ruahine o Tararua MidCentral
Evaluation of a pharmacist-led intervention for older adults with polypharmacy
18 months, $30,000

Professor Clare Harvey, Massey University
Reconceptualising person-centred services for older adults
18 months, $29,813

Dr Sheng Chiong Hong, oDocs Eye Care
Ophthalmic lasers and optometrists in Aotearoa
9 months, $30,000

Dr Paul Huggan, Dr Abtin Ijadi Maghsoodi, Te Whatu Ora – Waikato
A multi-layered predictive solution to combat sepsis and its complications
12 months, $30,000

Dr Inga Hunter, Massey University
Voice of rural communities for equitable telehealth models of care
18 months, $30,000

Dr Zohreh Jafarian Tangrood, University of Otago
Comparing nail versus locking plate in three-part proximal humerus fractures
14 months, $29,685

Dr Matthew Jenkins, University of Otago
Exploring the personal geographies of rangatahi experiencing early psychosis
12 months, $29,585

Dr Geoff Kira, Research Trust of Victoria University of Wellington
Nōnā te ao: Establishing a physical activity reference group
18 months, $29,800

Professor Rita Krishnamurthi, Auckland University of Technology, Dr Gary Cheung, The University of Auckland
Adapting cognitive stimulation therapy for NZ Indians and Chinese with dementia
18 months, $29,944

Associate Professor Fiona Lithander, The University of Auckland
Improving Parkinson’s disease through the gut: building the foundations
12 months, $27,435

Dr Arezoo Zarintaj Malihi, The University of Auckland
Research collaboration to support mental health of refugee children and youth
18 months, $29,559

Dr Blair Mason, Te Whatu Ora - Waitaha Canterbury / Te Tai o Poutini West Coast Immediate weight-bearing versus delayed weight-bearing after ankle surgery
12 months, $28,766

Dr Diane Muller, Massey University
Improving health through sleep resources for occupational therapists
12 months, $30,000

Dr Shyamala Nada-Raja, University of Otago
Co-designing and implementing an evaluation of a suicide prevention service
12 months, $30,000

Professor Pauline Norris, University of Otago
Poverty alleviation and mental health: RCT acceptability and outcome measures
6 months, $30,000

Dr Joanne Nunnerley, University of Otago
Should it hurt? – Experiencing clinic based gynaecological procedures
12 months, $29,902

Dr Karen Oldfield, Medical Research Institute of New Zealand, Dr Michael Lin, Upper Hutt Health Centre
Embedded research in general practice: Psychological intervention in diabetes
12 months, $29,960

Professor Matthew Parsons, University of Waikato, Dr Cameron Walker, The University of Auckland
Resiliency in old age
18 months, $ 29,700

Dr Valery Pavlov, The University of Auckland
Enhancing preventive care for geriatric patients
12 months, $29,000

Dr Vicki Quincey, Dr Abtin Ijadi Maghsoodi, Te Whatu Ora Waikato
Streamlining blood anomaly detection for rheumatology
18 months, $30,000

Dr Sanya Ram, The University of Auckland
Improving access to pharmacy Services
18 months, $30,000

Associate Professor Kirsten Robertson, University of Otago
Building dementia mate wareware friendly communities: Te whānau Māori experience
18 months, $28,051

Dr Faasisila Savila, The University of Auckland
Exploring intermittent fasting for improving Pacific people’s health
18 months, $29,960

Dr Toya Shaw, University of Waikato, Professor Matthew Parsons, The University of Auckland
Getting fit for surgery
12 months, $29,997

Dr Rebecca Slykerman, The University of Auckland
Understanding service needs of young people with non-traumatic brain injury
18 months, $29,322

Dr Marie-Claire Smith, The University of Auckland
Cardiovascular health after stroke: what can cardiac rehabilitation teach us?
18 months, $29,984

Dr Karolina Stasiak, Miss Melody Kim, The University of Auckland
Waiting well: Digital tool to improve mental health waiting list experience
18 months, $30,000

Dr Marise Stuart, Te Pūtahi-Nui-o-Rehua Charitable Trust
Oranga whānau
3 months, $30,000

Dr Jane Taafaki, University of Otago
Tauhi Vā: Building relationships between the Pacific community and pharmacists
6 months, $27,801

Associate Professor John Thompson, The University of Auckland
An inter-generational intervention for oral health
12 months, $28,744

Dr Hannah Waddington, Research Trust of Victoria University of Wellington
Transforming measurement of support outcomes for autistic children in Aotearoa
18 months, $30,000

Dr Sibi Walter, University of Canterbury
Effects of mau rākau mahi ā tinana among tāngata with glenohumeral arthritis
18 months, $28,447

Associate Professor Simon Walters, Auckland University of Technology
Connecting rangatahi with concussion management
18 months, $30,000

Associate Professor Lincoln Wood, University of Otago, Dr Abtin Ijadi Maghsoodi, Te Whatu Ora - Waikato
Emergency department admission prediction with weather and public events
18 months, $30,000

Associate Professor Crystal Yap, Auckland University of Technology
Gamifying rehabilitation care for patient health and wellness
18 months, $29,821

Associate Professor Caryn Zinn, Professor Grant Schofield, Auckland University of Technology
Advancing food quality measurement in mobile apps with AI technology
12 months, $30,000

2023 Health Delivery Research Career Development Award

Dr Sumera Akhtar, University of Otago
Improving service delivery for NZ South Asian women with gestational diabetes
12 months, $115,021

Dr Shanthi Ameratunga, Te Whatu Ora - Counties Manukau
Achieving Pae Ora for children surviving hospitalised injuries
24 months, $244,566

Dr Christine Barthow, University of Otago
Challenges to health equity: service provision in a low-cost general practice
24 months, $146,888

Dr Kari Clifford, University of Otago
Effect of prophylactic antibiotics on anastomotic leaks in colorectal surgery
24 months, $118,851

Dr Hamish Crocket, University of Waikato
Patient-centred education for newly diagnosed adults with type one diabetes
24 months, $ 150,505

Dr Matthew Jenkins, University of Otago
Enhancing the health and wellbeing of rangatahi experiencing early psychosis
12 months, $164,547

Dr Parimala Kanagasabai, University of Otago
A family centred group intervention for children with neurodevelopmental delay
24 months, $134,560

Mrs Miriam Manga, Te Whatu Ora - Counties Manukau
The Kidz First Lungs4Life programme 2017-2021: Health outcomes and whānau voice
24 months, $69,960

Dr Kay Shannon, Auckland University of Technology
Resident outcomes in homelike models of care in aged residential care
24 months, $153,845

Mrs Emily Timothy, Burwood Academy Trust
Current journeys through health and wellbeing services after stroke
24 months, $56,094

2023 Health Delivery Project

Associate Professor Bridget Dicker, Auckland University of Technology, Mrs Michelle Brett, Hato Hone St John
Implementing Te Manawaroa first responders
48 months, $1,309,939

Associate Professor Richard Egan, University of Otago, Associate Professor Natasha Tassell-Matamua, Massey University
Spiritual care in Aotearoa New Zealand healthcare
36 months, $1,399,923

Dr Claire Gear, Auckland University of Technology
What matters to whānau? Optimising health in integrated family violence services
36 months, $1,399,999

Professor Nicola Kayes, Auckland University of Technology
Building psychosocial and cultural resources for recovery and adaptation
36 months, $1,399,402

Associate Professor Sacha McMeeking, University of Canterbury
Evidencing the causal mechanisms of kaupapa Māori health transformation
48 months, $1,339,992

Dr Judy Ormandy, University of Otago
Cervical cancer prevention in community services: a health delivery partnership
36 months, $1,394,123

Dr George Parker, Research Trust of Victoria University of Wellington
Building system readiness for trans inclusive perinatal mental health services
36 months, $1,211,883

Professor Anna Ranta, Mrs Bernadette Jones, University of Otago
REGIONS II – Reducing stroke inequities for rural Māori
48 months, $1,399,773

Dr Nina Scott, Te Whatu Ora – Waikato, Dr Myra Ruka, Te Whatu Ora - Waikato
Cancer WHIRI II: Extending the pathway
36 months, $1,396,382

Professor Alice Theadom, Auckland University of Technology
Improving screening and management of mild TBI in the ED
36 months, $1,398,566