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HRC Resource Library

Our research and funding documents contain support and reference information for applicants applying for funding, as well as background information for referees and committee members.

  • Annual Report from an Ethics Committee

    Ethics reference documents
    The HRCEC requires ethics committees to provide an Annual Report from an Ethics Committee, which allows the HRCEC to monitor the activity and functioning of the committee.
  • HRC Variation Request Form

    Funding information
    This form is used to provide information to the HRC about proposed variations to current research contracts with the HRC.
  • Implementing Research - a guideline for health researchers

    Funding information
    This booklet introduces researchers to dissemination and implementation of research, and working with mass media.
  • Example Memorandum of Understanding

    Funding information
    This example Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) formalises the intention of the parties to collaborate in a research project and to enter into a sub-contract.
  • Statutory functions of the HRC

    Strategic Goals and Statutory Functions
    The HRC is responsible to the Minister of Health, and its major funding agreement is through the Minister of Science and Innovation. Our statutory functions are outlined in the Health Research Council Act 1990.
  • HRC standard CV template

    Funding information
    This CV template, used by several other organisations, can be used in all HRC funding applications. It standardises the type of information asked for and eliminates the need for researchers to reformat their CV each time they apply for funding.
  • HRC Rules

    Funding information
    This document outlines the permissible use of research funding and rules around the operation of Contracts
  • 2020 HRC Impact Assessment slideshow

    Funding information
    This slideshow helps applicants and reviewers interpret the HRC’s Research Impact assessment criterion, which has been further revised for our 2020 funding rounds.
  • HRC Ethics Committee

    HRC Ethics and Regulatory Committees
    The Health Research Council of New Zealand’s Ethics Committee provides advice on health research ethical issues and the ethical review process.
  • Research involving children

    Ethics reference documents
    These Guidelines are based on six principles which are mostly taken from the Guidelines of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 1999 and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the Human Being with Regard to the Application of Biology and Medicine 1996.
  • Research involving personal health information

    Ethics reference documents
    These guidance notes are provided to assist health researchers and ethics committees, but they should not be relied upon as a substitute for the provisions of the Health Information Privacy Code 1994 (HIPC).
  • Ethics in New Zealand – key regulatory bodies

    Ethics reference documents

    Beyond the Health Research Council’s committees, there are other important committees and regulatory bodies in New Zealand that contribute to the regulatory environment of health and disability research.