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Associations between mental wellbeing and diabetes biomarkers in Pasifika youth

4 months
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Miss Hilla Fukofuka
Health issue:
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Pacific Health Summer Studentship
Lay summary
Type 2 Diabetes is a rising epidemic in New Zealand, with Pacific adolescents being a particular high-risk group, who also have the highest rates of mental illness. However, emerging research both nationally and internationally is showing positive associations between mental wellbeing and good physical health – several studies have been using diabetes risk factors as the variables for biological markers of health. The aim of this research project is to analyse the data of a local Dunedin study with Pacific adolescents, which has also found similar correlations so as to assess the nature of the associations found. Combined with a literature review on this particular field, such knowledge has the potential to help us fight these two issues of diabetes and poor mental health by allowing us to tailor new potential interventions to this high-risk group of Pacific adolescents.