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Continuous dynamic monitoring of lung function at the bedside

27 months
Approved budget:
Dr Haribalan Kumar
Associate Professor Alys Clark
Professor Merryn Tawhai
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Health Delivery Explorer Grant
Lay summary
For decades, monitoring of lung function during mechanical ventilation in critical care patients has been limited to measurements taken externally. For effective ventilation management, imaging of the lungs inside the chest wall is essential to avoid exacerbation due to lung injury, yet absent in current practice. By measuring signals from a belt of electrodes tied around the chest, electrical impedance tomography offers the next-generation radiation-free imaging solution for continuous monitoring - like an electrocardiogram, but for the lungs. It can transform the way we monitor patient response to mechanical ventilation. Uptake of this technology is hindered by highly simplified assumptions of lung shape. Our research will resolve this issue with a novel approach – a patient-specific lung model. This approach will personalize the imaging information and its interpretation. Building upon NZ’s reputation in modelling lung physiology and working with international collaborators, this research will improve outcomes in critical care delivery.