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CREATE Trial: Community deRivEd AutomaTEd insulin delivery

30 months
Approved budget:
Dr Mercedes Burnside
Assistant Professor Martin de Bock
Professor Benjamin Wheeler
Associate Professor Craig Jefferies
Associate Professor Ryan Paul
Dr Hamish Crocket
Ms Dana Lewis
Dr Jonathan Williman
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Clinical Research Training Fellowship
Lay summary
Commercialised automated insulin delivery (AID) systems have demonstrated improved outcomes in type 1 diabetes (T1D), however, they can be prohibitively expensive if an individual is without access to health insurance or health funding subsidy. Freely available open-source algorithms, paired with commercial insulin pumps, and continuous glucose monitoring make up the so-called “DIY” AID system. Limited data on the DIY approach have shown promising results, but data from a large randomised control trial are lacking. As a paediatric endocrine trainee with a passion for diabetes, I am undertaking a fulltime PhD on the CREATE Trial, the first randomised, multi-site trial comparing DIY AID to standard insulin pump therapy. 100 participants with T1D aged 7–70 years will be recruited from four sites in New Zealand. Establishing the effectiveness and safety of the open-source algorithm will address the inequity of care for people with T1D in New Zealand and worldwide.