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Describing care pathways for patients with delirium discharged from hospital.

24 months
Approved budget:
Dr Engelina Groenewald
Associate Professor Sarah Cullum
Dr John Hopkins
Dr Yu-Min Lin
Ms Danielle Diamond
Proposal type:
Research Development Award
Lay summary
Delirium is one of the modifiable and potentially preventable causes of dementia. Good follow-up care of older patients discharged from hospital after delirium can impact their health outcomes (including dementia onset) and quality of life. Yet hospitals in NZ do not have any follow-up care specific to delirium in older people, and we are not aware which care pathways are being utilized in the community (if any) when these patients are discharged from hospital. A large burden of care is placed on Māori and Pacific families who often look after their family members at home. The aim of this study is therefore to describe the current follow-up care provided for patients with delirium discharged from hospital, and also to explore the experience of family members tasked to care for patients at home. This can lead to the development of better follow-up care for patients with delirium in future.