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Development of a Maaori Research Advisor for the Advancement of Maaori Research

30 months
Approved budget:
Mrs Te Hao Apaapa-Timu
Proposal type:
Health Delivery Research Development Award
Lay summary
This project seeks to advance a Maaori Research structure within Counties Manukau District Health Board. Ensuring that staff and researchers within Counties Manukau are equipped to safely conduct research and contribute effectively to the regional and national body of knowledge is imperative. Supporting Maaori and non-Maaori staff to develop their capability to conduct research that leads to faithful representation of the people we serve is central to the role of the Research and Evaluation Team here in Ko Awatea – Counties Manukau Health. This project aims to develop a model that allows researchers to draw on a knowledge base of Maaori health research, clinical Speciality and local Iwi cultural practices through a Mana Whenua research review committee. This proposal provides a platform for theoretical review of retrospective and prospective structures through the applicants PhD and extends itself to inform praxis through its direct implementation, and potential for trial and evaluation.