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Diet and circulating lipids in relation to cardiovascular disease in New Zealand

50 months
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Dr Kathryn Bradbury
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Emerging Researcher First Grant
Lay summary
Over 180,000 people in New Zealand currently live with heart disease. MENZACS is a study which aims to recruit 3,000 New Zealanders who have had an first-time acute coronary syndrome. At the start of the study, participants complete a questionnaire which collects information on the foods they usually eat. A blood sample is also taken, and over 300 lipid molecules will be measured in the blood sample. Food intakes and circulating lipid molecules will be described in NZ Europeans, Māori, and Pacific people. The participants will also be followed up over time to see who has another major cardiovascular event. We will look at whether 1) the foods people reported eating and 2) circulating lipids measured at the start of the study were related to the chance of having a second major cardiovascular event.