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Dietary sodium reduction to improve heart failure outcomes: the SODIUM-HF study

60 months
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Professor Richard Troughton
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Lay summary
We will participate in the SODIUM-HF trial, which is a large international multi-centre study testing an important question about whether reducing dietary salt intake improves health and outcomes for patients with heart failure. Heart failure is common and is associated with retention of salt by the kidneys resulting in fluid congestion, breathlessness and swelling. Four NZ hospitals will join Canadian hospitals in recruiting patients with heart failure. Patients will receive either standard advice about salt restriction (usual care group), or specific advice to restrict salt intake to a much lower level (low salt group). We have developed guidelines for salt restriction that reflect the food preferences of New Zealanders, especially those of Maori and Pacific People. The dietary advice will be continued for 12 months and we will assess the impact of the two dietary guidelines on hospitalisation and survival. Findings will inform international and national heart failure guidelines.