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Food and diabetes: the underlying factors that determine food practices of Tongan

29 months
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Dr Soana Muimuiheata
Health issue:
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Pacific Health Clinical Training Fellowship
Lay summary
Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM) prevalence is highest among Pacific, Indian and Maori population in New Zealand. Food is one of the major diabetes management and treatment. However, poor compliance with dietary management is worsen with Pacific living in poverty and affected by social determinants of health. Talanoa and Hermeneutic Phenomenology approach to listen to Tongan diabetes patients lived experiences with diabetes. It is time to dig deeper to know what are the underlying factors that determine food practices, diabetes management of Tongan with T2DM in New Zealand. Clinical outcomes and measurement of glycaemic control, weight loss, improved lipid profiles and lower high blood pressure are routinely measured for diabetes control. However, lifestyle changes in terms of diabetes dietary treatment, is more complex then giving tablets and insulin regime for T2DM. The findings from this study will informed government policy and services, developed framework to improve diabetes management in New Zealand