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The health literacy of Samoan mothers and managing their children’s health

12 months
Approved budget:
Miss Fofoa Pio
Health issue:
Child and youth (healthy) development
Proposal type:
Pacific Health Knowledge Translation Grant
Lay summary
A qualitative analysis is undertaken to explore the health literacy of Samoan mothers and their experiences in managing the care of their unwell children. This grant will support the publishing and dissemination of a section from the findings of my Masters’ of Public Health thesis. This proposed publication will focus on the health literacy of Samoan mothers and their experiences in primary care. This will highlight their movements prior to accessing health care and their interactions with health professionals in a primary care setting. The relationship between low health literacy and poor health experiences and outcomes are significant. As the role of health literacy is increasingly recognised beyond individual responsibility but towards shared responsibility between systems, health professionals and those receipt of care, this study will provide invaluable insights from Samoan mothers to inform culturally appropriate and effective health care delivery.